The Robert Emmet Community Development Project works in Dublin’s South West Inner City. The community project is a grass roots organisation with a small local independent board of directors. There are 3 members of staff at over 20 volunteers.

Robert Emmet Community

The Aim of the Project

The aim of the project is to be a resource in the area for families, young people and adults to support a healthy, sustainable and thriving community .

Robert Emmet Community Development project work closely with a number of other community organisations, businesses and local people in the day to day work and is a founding member of Dublin’s Inner City Community Co-operative.

Robert Emmet Community

Project Funding

The project is funded through the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government and through the Department of Children and Youth affairs. Other costs and overheads are met through fundraising and grants.

Robert Emmet Community

Historical Roots

The project takes its name from the historic role the area played in the life of Robert Emmet. He used the Marshalea as an arsenal before his execution in 1803 at the top of Bridgefoot Street.

Robert Emmet Community

Ushers Street, Dublin 8

Robert Emmet Community Development Project moved in January 2015 to a new premises on Ushers Street in Dublin 8. Previously the project spent almost 10 years renting space from the Mendicity Institution on Island Street. The premises on Ushers Street was vacant for almost a decade before Robert Emmet Community raised over €150,000 to finish and fit out the space on Ushers Street, providing 200m² for community activities.

Stories & News From Our Community

  • September 2016

    Celebrating 80 Years - Oliver Bond

    Celebrating 80 Years - Oliver Bond

  • April 2016

    Mini Marathon

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  • April 2016

    Bee Keeping for Beginners

    A beginners course in urban bee-keeping. No experience needed, everyone welcome.

  • March 2016

    Be part of creating a play about 1916

    Do you have a family story about 1916? Perhaps you remember being taught about 1916? Or maybe you just want to find out more about…

  • February 2016

    International Women's Day

    All welcome for healthy food, exercises, tea and coffee to celebrate and raise awareness for International Women's Day