City of Dublin Education and Training Board

We generally only broadcast our achievements as an organisation. We only tell you about shiny new training programmes, awards, and the positive outcomes that our people achieve. We neglect to recognise the people and organisations that make success possible and over the next few weeks we plan to sing the praises of some key supporters.

First to grace the limelight is the City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB) whose Adult Education Service has allowed Robert Emmet deliver weekly cookery classes for members of the public for the past number of years!

According to their website, "The CDETB Adult Education Service provides an open, accessible, welcoming environment where you will find programmes that meet your individual needs". They also provide tutor hours to community partners, like Robert Emmet CDP, who provide a number of training courses based on community demand. This type of support provides an accessible opportunity for community groups and community development projects to leverage adult education and deliver real social change.

Education is all about empowerment and it is an honour to be working with CDETB's Adult Education Service to build a more sustainable and accessible Dublin for learners of all ages and stripes.

Thanks Caoimhe, Blake and Trish for making this possible.