Happy Belated Earth Day!

A two days late very happy Earth Day to everyone!

Robert Emmet CDP are delighted to continue growing our environmental and social impact in 2022 through our Bee8 Project.

This year we hope to:
· Deliver at least 3 free 8 week Beekeeping for Beginners’ courses
· Employ 4 course graduates as beekeepers
· Grow to 25 hive locations across Dublin
· Install sensors with capacity to record and report on environmental performance across hive locations
· Develop and support conditions supportive of solitary bee populations across the city
· Deliver bio diverse planting projects in 25 hive locations
· Produce beautiful honey

Please email austin@recdp.ie if you are an organisation that is interested in getting invovled.
More information will be provided on opportunities for individual involvement in coming weeks- watch this space!