Merger Surveys

Robert Emmet Community Development Project (RECDP) and SICCDA (South Inner City Community Development Association) are engaged in a merger conversation which is expected to conclude in May 2023. The conclusion of this process will result in a single merged organisation that we believe will have greater capacity to meet local needs, ensure that local community members benefit from wider area based development processes and celebrate local identity.

The purpose of this survey is to gather data so that we can support and understand what sort of programmes our community and partners would like us to deliver over the next five years. All of the data that is generated will be considered and collated to form a five year strategy for the new organisation which will be published in June 2023. The document will outline what the organisation wants to achieve in the 2023 – 2027 period. All the data shared in the survey is completely anonymous.

Please complete the following survey if you live in Dublin 8 or currently attend services delivered by RECDP or SICCDA

Please complete the following survey if you are, or are interested in being, a partner organisation of RECDP or SICCDA

Many thanks for taking part and ensuring your voice is heard.

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