Podcast - In Our Shoes

For anyone that missed out on Anthony Freeman chatting about insider knowledge to our unique area in the capital, the podcast is now available! (Anthony is 45 minutes into it)

Some of Dublin’s best sights and attractions are located in The Liberties, a vibrant quarter that only the locals know. In many ways, the Liberties characterises what it means to be from Dublin. It’s a truly authentic, inner-city neighbourhood defined in equal measure by its present-day, dynamic economic and social activity and also by its rich and intriguing social, cultural and political past.

Wandering at a leisurely pace, In Our Shoes Walking Tours will allow you to explore all the better-known sights as well as the hidden gems. You will be given rare access to local stories – bizarre, hilarious and tragic. And all the while your local guide will bring stone, wood, paint, graffiti, tile, stain and statue to life with stories and local knowledge, bringing you to sights you won’t witness in any other tour in Dublin.

Tours run every Monday - Sunday; 11am & 2pm