Regeneration of Oliver Bond House

A survey on the proposed regeneration of Oliver Bond House was distributed to every household in Oliver Bond on Monday 25th January.
The output of these surveys will be included in a report submitted to DCC which will feed into final plans for the regeneration. This report is almost complete and will be submitted to DCC at the end of this week.

It is important that as many surveys as possible are completed and returned to ensure that resident opinions and concerns feature centrally in plans for the future of the complex.
As such it would be appreciated if any Oliver Bond residents could contact family / friends / neighbours to offer assistance with collecting and dropping back completed surveys to RECDP later today or early tomorrow and also to remind family / friends / neighbours of the importance of completing and returning surveys.

If people are having difficulty completing surveys or cannot leave their households due to Covid-19 public health concerns they can also be directed to phone 01 670 8880 and surveys can be completed over the phone by a member of Robert Emmet CDP staff.