Robert Emmet CDPs 2021 Annual Report

Delighted to finally be able to share Robert Emmet CDPs 2021 Annual Report.

The progress made by Robert Emmet CDP during 2021 was based on the input of so many people to which I owe a debt of gratitude.

Our Board, staff team, partner organisations and funders which allow us to operate at the standard required to provide for needs as they currently exist and work strategically to mitigate against the evolution of consistently high levels of need into the future.

However, thanks, as always, are due most of all to the community we serve whose consistent patience and willingness to engage in appropriate deliberative processes to achieve results in spite of being short changed by decades of poor policy and development decisions makes the hard road towards a brighter future consistently worthwhile and enjoyable.

We look forward to building resilient and empowered communities in South West Inner City Dublin for many more annual report cycles!