Walking Tour with Dublin Ohio

In Our Shoes were delighted to have members of Dublin City Council Economic Development team and the Mayor of Dublin, Ohio on our unique Liberties tour yesterday. Dublin City Council backed Robert Emmet CDP developing In Our Shoes through their 2018 Social Enterprise Grant Scheme Awards (disbursed by the wonderful Inner City Enterprise) and it was great to be able to display the fruits of our labour one year on.

Real Community Development is only possible when statutory agencies like DCC seek to understand the work that Community Development Projects like Robert Emmet does. In Our Shoes is a RECDP project that empowers people from the Liberties area to become walking tour guides of ‘the village in the city’ and gives locals a direct voice that provides relief to narratives of ‘progress’ and ‘development’ that are changing the Liberties landscape into somewhere new and unknown very quickly.

Thanks to Norman, Stephen and the Ohio Dubs for taking the time to do this!

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