We were very fortunate yesterday

We were very fortunate yesterday to have an opportunity to present a report we wrote- ‘Environmental Conditions in Oliver Bond House’- to DCC SCAC.

Some of the findings in the report are shocking-
82.8% of households are affected by damp and mould
54% of residents have received medical advice that their health is being impacted negatively by their housing conditions etc-
and it is only through consistently highlighting the sheer inadequacy of current conditions, the impact of this inadequacy on the tenants quality of life and the responsibility of the state and DCC as landlords to provide a standard of housing in line with the rights and dignity of residents that change will happen.

Many thanks to Cllrs. Maire Devine and Darragh Moriarty for the invite to present, to Vincent Jackson for chairing the meeting and to our excellent co-presenters Joseph Little and Lynette Lyons.
Most of all thanks to Oliver Bond House Residents Group for trusting and allowing Robert Emmet CDP to be part of their journey on the road to adequate housing over recent years. Good things are coming.